Marine & Boating Safety

Congress needs to commence a federal study to evaluate the benefits associated with mandatory carriage of electronic distress alert devices on marine vessels. Click to view entire document.

Capital Investment Tax Deduction

To keep the cost of electricity low, tax reform proposals which eliminate interest deductibility must have a “carve-out” for utilities that mandates utilities to deduct interest in lieu of full expensing. Click to view entire document.

Community Resiliency & Sea Level Rise

Transforming our communities to become resilient is a monumental effort that will require coordination from local, state, and federal agencies. With over a trillion dollars of investment at risk, the business community is activating its involvement along with governmental agencies. Collectively, we can address this transformation for future generations. Click to view entire document.

Customs & Border Patrol Staffing

Increase Customs and Border Protection Officers by adding 50 officers in Broward County during 2017-2018. Click to view entire document.

Federal Courthouse Appropriation

Fort Lauderdale’s federal courthouse is more than 41-years-old and suffers from structural deficiencies and design inadequacies that pose security risks and negatively impact court operations. Over the past several years, federal judges sitting in Fort Lauderdale, as well as City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County officials, attorneys and members of the business community have urged Congress to provide funding for a new federal courthouse. Click to view entire document.


The Dreamers live in fear of deportation. The best solution is to give this population a clear and defined path that may lead to citizenship should they so choose. Click to view entire document.

Pell Grants

The Pell Grant must continue to be a reliable source of funding for education. Congress needs to build on the bipartisan reinstatement of the year round Pell Grant. Click to view entire document.

Port Everglades Appropriation

It’s time to bring the port into 21st century shipping by accommodating existing and future vessel movement and resolving navigation restriction problems. Click to view entire document.