National Press Club

nationalpressclubNational Press Club
529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20045


A Washington Institution The National Press Club, a private club for journalists and communications professionals, has been a Washington institution for more than a century. It is also a world-class conference and meeting facility that hosts thousands of events each year for sophisticated clients from around the globe. And while these are the Club’s functions, its mission is to be The World’s Leading Professional Organization for Journalists. It is a social and business organization dedicated to supporting the ongoing improvement of the profession of journalism.

The Place Where News Happens The National Press Club is known as “The Place Where News Happens.” Global leaders in government, politics, business, music, film and sport visit the club every day. They speak here at public and private events because the press is here.

Our Club has more than 3,500 members, including journalists from every major news organization. Journalists work at the Club every day. Some also have their offices in the Press Building or close by at Treasury, the White House or on the Hill. That’s why there is no better place on earth to have a news event than the National Press Club.

Each year, the Club hosts more than 250,000 visitors at more than 2,000 events that are beamed to global audiences in print, on the air and online. Our journalist members have worked side–by-side with the NPC staff to create an ideal facility for news coverage – from a full service broadcast operation, to fiber and wireless connectivity, to professional audio-visual services.

When our members want to take a break from work, they can be found relaxing in a beautiful, comfortable and historic setting which offers great food, drink and entertainment. That’s in addition to the engaging and rewarding programs and classes.

The Club is more than just the social and professional hub of journalistic life in D.C. – it is where news breaks and flows out to the world. It is where history can be seen in the making. And it is where today’s journalists train to become the next generation of storytellers, with writers and editors using cutting-edge platforms and techniques still being fully imagined. These women and men are determined to fulfill their role – providing vital news and information while improving their professional abilities and craft. A free press is key to the foundation of democracy – the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The National Press Club is a place bursting with excitement, history, technology and good humor. It is truly a national treasure.